Sunday, 12 April 2009

Easter Sunday 12th April 2009

Dear all
A pleasantly uneventful Easter Sunday with all the trains running to schedule and a range of visitors that demonstrated our growing appeal. We welcomed people from the East Lancs. and the Gloucester and Warwickshire railways together with the former head of British Rail's Research Department. However, the visitors that most enjoyed the day were the children that went Easter Egg hunting and we must record great thanks to Mary Birch for organising such a splendid addition to our activities.
The majority of today's volunteers were engaging in running the trains, providing catering, opening the EVRA shop and ensuring the Narrow Gauge met demand. The entire marketing department descended from the 57th floor to be with us and much progress was made on the redesign of the MTT web pages which I think will be to the considerable benefit of the venture.
Behind the scenes further work was achieved in the Class 119 and the next Thomas Hill locomotive had a small amount of preparation courtesy of the Youth Offending Service.
The till rang and a satisfactory amount was deposited in the State Banking Corporation. Special thanks today go to Elliot, a younger member of our team, who coped very efficiently in the Booking Hall and is indeed a future General Manager.