Monday, 13 April 2009

Easter Monday Progress Report

Dear all,

Some work took place in the engineerium today, where the formerly blue
03 received further painting on its way to being a green 03. The class
119 had its wiring inspected and serious men in overalls pored over its
wiring diagrams, muttering about looms. M55006 had attention to its many
working parts. The class 108 had its strings adjusted, though possibly
not its elastic garters.

I hesitate to say that Easter Open Days continued apace, because this
morning got off to a groaningly slow start, but things picked up
sufficiently for yesterday's total to be nearly matched and in
consequence the outcome for the whole weekend was better by a short hair
than Easter last year; and, given the crunching of the credits, this is
nothing short of a minor miracle.

Many thanks to all concerned for their hard work and effort.

All the best,