Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Wednesday 11th March 2009

Dear all
Faraday and the Works Train set sail for Shottle followed by the Komatsu 130 heading to the "racing straight". The Permanent Way team changed a further 12 sleepers south of Shottle and greased four panels worth of fishplates. Hylton and John Alsop thought they would try their magic on the errant Class 20 and much to everyone's delight the machine redeemed itself and returned to Wirksworth double heading with Faraday and the Work Train. The PW team also gathered a wagon load of logs and delivered them to the Car Park for the Logging Dept. The Komatsu continued to improve the banks and ditches around Mile Post 140 but the operator had a troublesome moment when the ignition key sheared bringing the job to a stand. However, David Newby's tweezers resolved matters and magically two half keys restored ignition and the day's work continued.
The Maintenance Facility benefited from the attentions of the sheeting team and tomorrow should see an end to this further step forward leaving only the main doors and back door to be resolved to secure the working area. Hydra's cab enjoyed further work and the machining of new door runners continued. Roy (73) and Les (78) have kindly agreed to apply the top coat to Hydra when the exterior preparation is complete.
Battery Locomotive L46 was satisfactorily tested during the day and will be leaving us for Ruislip tomorrow. Dales Rail Engineering (DRE) spent the day in the S&T stores freeing off various items for the installations at Shottle and Duffield. Driver training on the narrow gauge was undertaken as the grand opening draws ever nearer.
The Booking Hall enjoyed several visitors and a welter of phone calls.
Meanwhile, Phil has been pressing the flesh at Railtex in London on behalf of and gleaning information on forward orders for us. A long day for him that started around 0500 today and will end around 0100 tomorrow.