Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Wed 25th March

Evenin' all,

Work continued on Hydra with more removal of old paint/rust and the
application of new primer and paint. The end of the paint job is in
sight, I am informed. This is good work by the 70's duo and the

On the adjacent road in the shed, Rod continued with the re roofing of
the Shark and general tidying up after major body work over the last
few months.

Contractors from Tarmac have ben engaged by them to repair the recent
rockfall above the tunnel mouth next to the nrrow gauge station in the
carpark - work starts next week.

The big project was again at Shottle, wherean 0800 start meant that
most of the dig was completed by the time that the works train arrived,
which works out very well. Two panels were stripped yesterday. With the
strong winds and blustery showers, we had trouble with the lasers, but
struggled on. the team were able to report all sleepers in by mid
morning, and by the end of the day all rails had been laid out and one
panel had been spiked down. The uplifted spoil was dumpered towards the
platform and has been levelled off to creat more base for the loop -
nothing is wasted.Tomorrow will see this section of the relay completed
- if we have a good turnout.

Talking of a good turnout, I am toying with the idea of completing the
relay through Shottle station as far as Shottle south junction in one
hit. 13 panels out, dug, and rebuilt within a week. This is a real
challenge and will take place after Easter. It will mean having works
teams for every day. There is a logistics problem but we shall overcome.
- one day.This is likely to be in early May.

The Shop was fairly busy today, possibly people hanging around since

Tomorrow sees the VCT picking up their vehicle at Shottle, and working
around the Erosion site near Hazlewood, a digger working south from
Shottle towards A3/F8, the Per way team nailing down another panel as
well as changing some fishplates in the Loop.Exciting times!


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