Saturday, 7 March 2009

Progress Report 7.3.2009

Dear All,
It has been a interesting and varied day with many tasks being completed.
We were happy to welcome Mr. and Mrs. Gibson winners of the EVRA Raffle, for a drive a diesel day. After helping to prepare the Locomotive (03 D2158) they were first shown the ropes with some practice runs in the yard. They then had a go at buffering up to the LMS brake van, and the Guard attempted to light a fire in the stove. Once the brake van was coupled on they then drove up the line to Idridgehay and Ravenstore. Afterwards both the guests and train crew enjoyed a meal cooked by the EVRA secretary himself.
Else where in the yard Faraday had fitters attention, after it's excitement in the week. The only thing that could be found wrong with it was a lack of fuel in the tank! We are also pleased to announce that our carriage and wagon superintendent has now passed out on this locomotive proving himself to be quite a wiz at the controls.
The class 119 was shunted over the pit and an initial inspection was carried out to see what work was need underneath to get it running again. Meanwhile inside the 119 preparations were made for the new ceiling panels to be put up next weekend, and light fittings and insulation was installed. A young offender and his minder joined the team inside and did some rust scraping.  The team also erected a new work mate, and it was decided that if the BBC ever bring back the generation game this should be one of the challenges!
Today also saw further work on the narrow gauge Man Rider with a second top coat of paint being applied. The narrow gauge team also had a driver training session in the afternoon.   
The booking hall and EVRA shop also welcomed some visitors and managed to extract some of their hard earned cash.
All in all quite a good day really.
John Stokes on behalf of Mike Evans