Monday, 16 March 2009

Monday 16th March 2009

Dear all
A glorious Spring day setting the scene for a pleasant trip down the line to examine the latest work by the welders. There remain 10 welds to be achieved before the insertion of Sperry's calibrated rails which will add another eight but the end is well and truly in sight. We also seem well on the way to Travis Folly and the next delivery of sleepers should provide enough material to reach this objective although a further supply will be needed to deal with the Shottle platform section. We have also ordered today the crossing timbers necessary for the pointwork at Shottle South and Duffield South that total 340 feet of appropriate wood!
Back at base we experienced the first day of a new system of maintenance for our "on track plant" fleet. This process will initially carried out on Mondays until all the vehicles are checked over and generally made fit for purpose. The two Landrovers were dealt with today with new oils, filters and brake pads together with a thorough greasing of road and rail gear. This is not an inexpensive process but should ensure as far as is possible that we have no availability problems and preserve the investment we have made in these most useful machines.
Work continued on Hydra ably supported by Roy (73) and Les (78) who applied primer on both Hydra and 03084 with a promise they would return to do more tomorrow. The Komatsu had a once over in readiness for activity tomorrow to load and move rails from Shottle to Wirksworth tomorrow.
The Booking Hall welcome a number of visitors brought out by the sun and fielded the usual phone calls.