Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Tues 2nd Dec

Evenin' all,

A cold and snowy day, but a day when several 'roun-tuit' jobs were
carried out.
The VCT headed south to repair a length of fence near Mp 139, where
cattle had been wandering, new posts were inserted and fencing material
was added. work will conclude on Thursday, but the beasts are secure.

The Per way team had a sort out of the tool van as well as the Brake
van following intense activity, some restocking was also carried out.

Faraday had repairs carried out to the fuel coupler and was released
for service after lunch. The Per way team carried out some shunting
before venturing down south to collect a wagon full of logs, which were
duly unloaded for the woodcutters dept. More to be collected tomorrow
for an increasing list of customers.

The Dream Steam Team were busy at their end of the yard where
sandboxes were readied and painted as well as more boiler/firebox
works. The Shark had work done to the roof and is now almost ready for

Down at Duffield, some clearing up took place in the environs of the
cabin and more fence panels were added to the boundaries in various

The Gents toilets at Wirksworth had some more TLC applied after the
new door was fitted last week.

Tomorrow sees the works train departing by 0930, collecting more logs
and detatching the waggon en route for some further work at Duffield -
sorry I dont know that arrival time.


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