Tuesday, 16 December 2008

The Great Machine Day - Tuesday 16th December 2008

Dear all
An intrepid team ventured to Bracknell today to view three road/rail Komatsu machines and see whether one of them would be suitable for the task of flailing the whole line. Having satisfied themselves that a machine would be worth the considerable investment the deal was done! We are now the proud owners of a piece of equipment that should transform the lives of the VCT, is also capable of lifting up to five tonnes and will arrive with a variety of other useful attachments. This has all been possible by a group of donors with one particularly large contribution and great thanks are due to these people. We have paid a substantial deposit and will pay the balance on delivery to Wirksworth in the new year - we have truly moved up a league.
Less dramatic events back at base but useful tasks were achieved. The Steam Team removed 20 studs out of the dome and four from the manifold fastening. 10 wash out plugs were retapped and attention given to the gauge glass stand and fire door boiler fitting. The Buffet Car was prepared for a large party tomorrow and a start was made on fitting some attractive light fittings discovered by Anton. These are in keeping with the station "image" and a great deal less expensive than the Midland Railway reproductions that have moved out our reach economically.
The VCT and PW team joined together to have a final clear up between Jebbs Lane and Barnsley Lane. Fencing repairs were completed and each team had their own fire with the PW team claiming victory for the amount of brash consumed. Logs were gathered and delivered to the car park to satisfy a lively demand for this product. The PW team also gave the cross drains on the "racing straight" another good rodding with satisfactory results although a more radical solution will be needed in 2009.
The Booking Hall maintained a presence and further sales of Santa means that we are approaching 100% capacity this weekend.
Another very good day.