Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Wed 5th Nov

Evenin' all,

A mizzly day with mist and drizzle. The Works train left promptly and
proceeded south of Shottle. The remaining rails as well as the
transition rail were changed in the Up rail. Some concrete sleepers
were moved so the whole section as far as Old Lane Bridge is now ready
to be welded. Some spare closure lengths were also loaded ready for the
remaining joints between Old Lane and Shottle. This rail changing has
been a big job.

The RAIB were on site today, training with some new kit. Theye were
again practicing for a derailment survey on the Wash Green Crossover.

The chance was taken to visit the Racing Straight to carry out some
prepping work for next weeks drainage work.Santa's little grotto
buildersw were also on site getting ready for Christmas.

The Booking Hall staff wre kept fairly busy with visitors as well as
trying to sell valuable stock to our guests

Tomorrow sees the Works train going south after dropping off a load of
logs for the Logging dept.
The VCT have been tasked with clearing some small trees at the bottom
of the Racing Straight as part of the drainage work.



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