Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Tues 18th Nov

Evenin' all,

After a damp start, it turned into a lovely day. The digger was
again delivered to site by 0900, and magaged to clear another 50 yards
or so of drainage, before the works train went to Shottle. Two 60'
rails were dragged into position by the Shottle North Trap point,
before we set off for a site north of Willow Crossing. Two further bad
joints were removed and a rail was turned. This leaves one more bad
joint between Idridgehay and Shottle. A new culvert was also located
and an attempt made to free the water. More work to continue. The Disc
Cutter was returned to us after repair -someone had been running it on
neat petrol!! Mixed 2 stroke fuel is in the green can.

The VCT repaired a stile on the Hannages before continuing with their
clearance work between Jebbs Lane and Barnsley Lane.

Back at Wirksworth, the Steam Team continued with boiler work on No 3.
they were removing the sling stays. More work continued on the Buffet
Car refurbishment, with new lighting and fittings being added. The
logging department were in full swing and will be requiring more stock
shortly. The Booking Hall remained fairly quiet, but remained open
until the works train got back so that they could make some money. The
EVRA Bookshop had a restocking session after several recent sales

Tomorrow sees another early start, with the works train leaving
Wirksworth by 0830. It will continue to Shottle arriving by 0930. It
will then return towards Idridgehay repairing the last bad joint, and
collecting bits and pieces, hopefully a start will be made on Shottle
Loop (or as we call it a Siding)


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