Saturday, 4 October 2008

Progress Saturday 4th October 2008

Evening all,

A bitterly cold day with drizzle for most of it.

At the crack of dawn (or about 09:30) two hardy souls travelled to Duffield to continue drain work whilst the rest of us went off to continue those jobs that just never seem to get done! A coat of acid wash was added to the roof of the 117, whilst down below, two artistic conscripts did a very good job of painting the front bogie. Round the front of the very same unit, some polishing of the yellow warning panel was also done. The unit has never had so much fuss!

Some shunting was performed and in the process Iris was transposed with the 03 and Trailer ready for the Ravenstor service tomorrow.

Back at the station, the booking hall and EVRA shop welcomed one or two visitors but it was far too cold for most people.

It doesn't sound much to read, but a very useful day indeed!

Mike via Leigh