Friday, 31 October 2008

Friday 31st October 2008

Dear all
The day started with L21 being readied for transfer to Platform 1 for stabling prior to testing that will commence next week. After L21 moved off the Car Park a wagon of logs for positioned there for a customer and the Grampus moved to the Permanent Way store for restocking with materials for further work next week. The IMT went about their business to patrol the Ravenstor and Gorsey Bank lines taking remedial action where necessary.
Much loading of EVRA sales stores for the Woodthorpe and Belper Model Railway Exhibitions was undertaken to maximise the take at these two events. John Ball began his task of reviewing and updating all our volunteer records and made steady progress. The Buffet Car was prepared for the weekend and the Booking Hall welcomed a few visitors.
A special visit was made by members of the VCT to inspect some damage sustained by our new entrance gates and happily made the main steel bar fit again. They then took the opportunity to fit a new steel container in the Weighbridge that will store their "smalls". The Gents Toilet also received some tlc after a busy season.

Thursday, 30 October 2008

Thursday 30th October 2008

Dear all
A bitterly cold day that saw two brave teams venturing down the line. The Works Train travelled to Duffield to meet up with a minidigger and driver to aid the great Duffield drain project. Much progress was made with the digger scraping some 300 metres of track bed along the site of the Duffield loop and Tunnel Siding to try and further identify the drainage routes and enhance the work undertaken by the Sunday gang. Sundry surplus and redundant materials were gathered up and a little preparation was achieved for the Army project to take place later in the month. Pre-cut brash was either burnt on site or transported to Hazelwood for burning off site and a wagon load of logs gathered for a customer.
The VCT worked in the Jebbs Lane bridge area and, with the willing agreement of the farmer, were able to fell more trees into the field leaving the farmer with the clear up and resultant logs. This is a most satisfactory division of labour! Another fascinating fact is that, after an absence of two years, ladies underwear has returned to Jebbs Lane as a feature of lineside decoration - no wonder the VCT constantly return to this site.
Back at base Shark repairs continued and logs were in heavy demand. A new recruit had an induction into Booking Hall work and has agreed to take on the job of managing our self certification medical forms. His name is Albert Hill and over the next few months will be making contact with anyone working on or near the track.
The most strange event of the day was the arrival of an Underground vehicle that is part of the new asset management train. This one of four such vehicles that were en route from Wabtec, Doncaster to Butterley and could not be unloaded there because of ground conditions. Its transport was due to pick up L21 Battery Locomotive from LH Group for testing at Wirksworth so we played host just for the afternoon it was due to be uplifted this evening for an unknown destination. L21 has now touched down at Wirksworth ready for tests tomorrow and Monday.
The Booking Hall welcomed a few visitors and the end of the season was marked by the take down of our hanging baskets - roll on Spring

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Wed 29th Oct

Evenin' all,

A much smaller turnout than is usual for a Wednesday, but once again
much progress was achieved.

With it beimg half term, the Ravenstor service was in operation and
several families availed themselves of the opportunity to head for the
hills. The Buffet car was open upon their return - despite re wiring
work still in progress. At least our visitors were able to get a hot
drink on such a cold day.

Some further preperation work was carried out on the Narrow Gauge line
(as well as Santa's grotto).

The Per way team headed south and rotated a further rail at Shottle
before taking it back to Idridgehay. After luncheon was taken, three
rails were changed. The side cut existing ones had been turned to
present a good running edge. There remain two more lengths plus a
transition rail to be added before the work is complete, these would
have been done but we ran out of timeand Twilight was calling.At the
present time one hour of each day is spent travelling to and from the
worksite, it will be more as we head south.

Tomorrow sees work at Duffield, with the works train leaving
Wirksworth at 0930 PROMPT, a machine will be working in Duffield tunnel
uncovering the drains that the weekend gang had started work on,
various bits of pipe will also be delivered to repair some of the
broken drains.



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Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Tues 28th Oct

Evenin' all,

After arriving home in a blizzard yesterday evening, it was a bit of
de-icing this morning.

Today's buzz word is a 'Clupet Ring' This word comes with the
compliments of the Dream Steam Team. They are polishing the cylinders
for No 3 ready for fitting them. The rest of their team have been
spring cleaning and getting ready to refit them. They were also getting
limescale out of the boiler

The Per way team were working on the CWR section. They transported two
rails to Shottle, twirled them through 180 degrees before returning
them to a spot south of Idridgehay. The final rail will be dealt with
tomorrow and then more rerailing can ensue.

The VCT were operating in the Jebbs Lane/ Barnsley Lane area, cutting
and burning. I bet they were warm!

More surveying work carried out at Duffield in connection with the
drainage. More work on the updating of the Buffet Car was undertaken
with more electrical circuits being attended to.

A few visitors attended the station, and more wood was chopped in the
Firewood dept. where 42 bags of logs were made up.



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Monday, 27 October 2008

Monday 27th October 2008

Dear all
A bright winter's day brought a small flurry of activity. Much energy has been expended on the dmu fleet with the east side roof of the 117 being prepared for painting and the whole fleet being "winterised" with antifreeze top ups and checks.
Further surveying work was undertaken on the Idridgehay to Shottle section to indentify and mark further sections of rail to be turned and transposed. Spirits were raised by the receipt of the first cheque following an appeal to shareholders to help with this section of line and enable the welding programme to continue that was only posted out on Friday last week.
We welcomed a group from the Derbyshire Coalition for Inclusive Living who enjoyed a trip to Idridgehay and sampled the delights of the Buffet Car. Grateful thanks to Mr & Mrs Ball together with Driver Evans who turned out to make the visit go well.
The Booking Hall welcomed several other visitors encouraged by the sun to come and have a look at us and the till was pleasantly active.

Friday, 24 October 2008

Friday 24th October 2008

Dear all
A sun kissed day in the smokie mountains of Derbyshire with much endeavour, as always, lead by the IMT who patrolled the Ravenstor and Gorsey Bank lines together with the Yard pointwork taking remedial action where necessary.
Sperry's SRS280 ventured to Idridgehay and back and declared the journey to be a success. The Buffet was stocked and readied for the weekend and the Training Room was prepared for tomorrow's First Aid course.
Mr and Mrs Ball also completed the long task of stuffing envelopes, addressing and stamping them for our latest appeal to share holders for a few more funds. Further welding of rail joints took place on the Idridgehay to Shottle section leaving some 28 to be achieved - hence the appeal for more funds!
We welcomed Mike Thomas back to the fold after a long absence to kick start his new business. He generously responded to a cry for help as the only person amongst us who could repair the rail drill and achieved a satisfactory result.
The Booking Hall welcomed quite a number of visitors brought out by the kind weather and the till was put to good use and a further booking for a training day was secured.
A most pleasant day.

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Thursday 23rd October 2008

Dear all
A cold, grey day helped to stimulate the need for fires in the Shottle area where the VCT got to grips with an area immediately north of the Yard points. Also at Shottle a minidigger aided the placement of concrete sleepers that will be used on two panels of track south of the raised check rail. This will strengthen the track where the majority of brake tests take place with visiting road/rail vehicles. Opportunity was taken with the minidigger to achieve more grading work to the trackbed of the proposed Shottle loop and create more space within Shottle Yard for parking.
Sperry Rail's UTU5 made two round trips to Duffield and the trials were declared satisfactory and we are comforted that no obvious faults have been detected in our rails. In the bowels of the Maintenance Facility roof painting continued apace and doors were stripped from the maroon dmu coach prior to its departure.
Lastly, SRS242 returned to site after its visit to Barcelona.

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Wed 22nd Oct

Evenin' all,

The Per way team were out bright and early, dropping stone on the
relaid section near Shottle. They then levelled and packed the track
which will do until the Top stone can be dropped later.

Three Sperry vehicles were on site, The box eventually leaving us to
earn its keeep, the Umimog returned and carried out two runs to
Duffield (This bi-passed the works train which was in Shottle Siding).
The small machine operated on the Gorsey Bank line, and ran though the
station on several occasions thrilling the handfull of visitors.

The Class 20 chaps came and carried out some routine work on their

Some further electrical work was carried out on the Buffet Car to get
more capacity to feed the hungary throngs next season. The Buffet Car
has proved its worth this year and its modest refurbishments will
increase its business. Meanwhile Santa's helpers have been carrying out
more work on this year's Grotto, whilst more work was carried out on
the Shark.

A quiet day tomorrow with no works train, but some machine work at


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Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Tues 21st Oct

Evenin' all,

A day of much activity under a blue sky. L1 the Underground diesel
left us to return to 'the smoke'.Two of Sperry's vehicles were on site
one using the class 20, whilst the other was self propelled.

The Per way team dropped off the VCT who were operating near Old Lane
Bridge. They have cleared back to the fence line on the Down side just
north of the bridge for a good distance. The Per way team,collected two
60'rails that were recently changed south of Idridgehay. These rails
were taken to Shottle where they were rotated through 180 degrees and
then returned to site where they were readied for going back in the
main line. They were turned as the running edge was very badly side
worn, the other edge is as new.

Back at base, the Dream Steam Team seperated the boiler of N03 into
two pieces. They now await the Boiler Inspector to examine the boiler
before more work is carried out on it. The Logging department were in
full swing for the cold weather. Another load of logs was brought back
by the works train. Fred and Iris treated the Mess Room to its weekly
'deep clean'. The Booking Hall had a few visitors.

32 tons of 28mm stone was dropped into two Dogfish ready for dropping
tomorrow. The relaid track at Shottle will be levelled and packed.


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Monday, 20 October 2008

Monday 20th October 2008

Dear all
A most productive that saw D8001 in action with Sperry Rail SRS240 between Wirksworth and Idridgehay to the satisfaction of our customer. Trans Plant's L1 moved to the Car Park ready for departure back to Ruislip tomorrow morning and an opportunity was taken at the end of the day to berth the Dogfish at the Wash Green dock to receive ballast for Shottle.
Work continued on the Shark and Faraday had an oil round. Two more welds were achieved between Idridgehay and Shottle leaving a further 32 to be done.

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Progress Reports from this Weekend

A roundup of this weekends progress reports for the Model Railway Exhibition.

Saturday 18th October 2008

Dear All,

There are not enough superlatives in the English Language to describe how fantastic a day we have had today. The tills were happily ringing all day in the EVRA shop and the booking hall. In fact it was so busy the booking hall had to be double manned! A special mention should also be given to July Ball for her single handed efforts in the buffet car she had a very busy day with good takings.

The Model Railway Exhibition brought many passengers to the big trains. The loadings on both the Idridgehay and Ravenstore lines were excellent, and they happily throbbed up and down all day , even managing to squeeze in the optional extra train at the end of the day.

Meanwhile on platform 1 many of our visitor were seen to be enjoying a guided tour round the Class 20, Faraday and the underground loco.

In the midst of all this activity time was even found to give the Ventilators on the roof of the Class 117 their first top coat of paint. A young offender and his minder were also to be seen down the yard wire brushing the Class 108 Boogies.

A splendid day all round, thanks to everyone involved for their hard work and dedication.


Mike Evans

Sunday 19th October 2008

Evening all,

Well what a day! After the hustle and bustle of yesterday, I thought we would be hard pushed to match it. In fairness, we came close but not quite. Today was much cloudier and colder than yesterday but we still had a vast quantity of people who availed themselves to both the Idridgehay and Ravenstor services. 7 Trains ran to Idridgehay today and when the last one returned it looked lovely to see the train arrive with the internal lights on and passengers enjoying the snugness of 4 working heaters.

The booking hall, EVRA shop and buffet car were all open and doing a roaring trade and the general consensus seems to be a big thumbs-up to the new sandwich supplier.

With such activity at the station not much else happened elsewhere today, but a conscript continued bogey-scraping on the 108 trailer and the Dream Steam Team were also in action at the back of the shed.

Steve Lyne

Friday, 17 October 2008

Friday 17th October 2008

Dear all
A pleasant, sunny day that saw the IMT patrolling the Idridgehay and Ravenstor passenger lines and taking minor remedial action in readiness for the services over the weekend. In the pit area Sperry were working on SRS240 in preparation for trials on Monday and our local fitter, Eric, pronounced that the Landrover clutch needs replacing and this will be done next week.
There was much action at the three Model Railway Exhibition sites as the show began to come together and the Buffet was fettled for the crowds expected over the next couple of days.
The Booking Hall received a number of visitors and a regular visitor from Ordnance Survey who charts the changes on site was able to illustrate that the narrow gauge now features on their maps.
It was pleasing to learn that the Red Lion in Wirksworth is to have new owners from next Friday and that they plan to renovate the establishment including the "letting" rooms. They intend to let us know progress and what facilities they will offer.
Lastly, drivers need to know that sighting pegs have been placed either side of Gorsey Bank level crossing and north of Idridgehay crossing. These are painted yellow and marked 1,2 & 3 to assist drivers to assess the correct stopping point to be completely clear of the crossing gates and was a recommendation of our Independent Safety Officer as further protection for the crossing gate operator. The figures refer to the number of vehicles forming the train!

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Thursday 16th October 2008

Dear all
A very mixed day with much testing and customer service delivered. Schoma Diesel L1 has successfully completed its programme but will remain with us on display for the Model Railway Weekend. Sperry Rail were active on two fronts with SRS240 being readied for service in Ireland and SRS280, the unusual carbon fibre, battery powered vehicle being put through its paces.
Work continued on the Shark and the Works Train travelled to Duffield to collect the concrete sleepers stored there for use at Shottle. With the aid of a minidigger all were recovered and off loaded at Shottle where 24 were laid out for use in the "main line". Some were no longer fit for reuse and will find their way to other uses. On return to Wirksworth the pw team ventured onto the Hannages to fit a splendid new grill to the east side of the Hannages Brook to prevent material entering the sough under the line and blocking the drains on the west side. Our thanks are due to Gavin who manufactured this new piece of kit.
The VCT reported a very successful day in the Hillcliffe Lane area with much felling, logging and burning. The Booking Hall was very quiet but fielded the usual useful and not so useful phone calls.
Another very good day.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Wed 15th Oct

Evenin' all,

A wet morning but a delightful afternoon.

The Per way team arrived at Shottle just as the dig was completed,
they immediately got to work re-sleepering. By early afternoon panels
3&4 were relaid and suitable for the passage of trains. They were rough
levelled and will be properley levelled and pack in a few weeks time
when the whole of the phase is completed.During the afternoon, two
tails were repositioned and the sleepers for the first panel of the
loop were laid out. Well done to all concerned.

The logging department were in full swing back at base with orders

D 2971, now named 'Kirtley', recieved some TLC. The oil in the gearbox
was changed as was a limp buffer. Mechanically it seems reasonable,
althouth the cab is somwhat in need of attention.

UTU 5 continued testing on the Idridgehay section, before returning
to Derby during the afternoon. Another Sperry vehicle,STS240 arrived
for testing and field tests before another trip to foreign climes. L1
the Schoma diesel commenced trials

In the afternoon, a Charter took place transporting a party of PROBUS
members to Ravenstor and Idridgehay, before they had their afternoon
tea in the Buffet car. They really enjoyed themselves,

Tomorrow sees the Works train going to Duffield to recover concrete
sleepers, before dropping them alongside their new home at Shottle.
They will replace panels 7&8.


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Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Tues 14th Oct

Evenin' all,

A accommodated sort of day with vehicles turning up and being
accommodated. These were built into the working diagram and everything
ran smoothly.

The Dream Steam Team were busy at the back of the shed. They removed
the last of the rivets from the boiler of separated 3 and have started
on removing the studs. another day or twos work should see the two
halves of the boiler separated and this will allow them to work on the
ground, so good progress there.

The Per way team went to Shottle where two more panels of track were
stripped and fully dismantled, the remains of some 'sleepers' (referred
to as planks in some evening papers!) were swept up. That area is ready
for dozing tomorrow. They also ran out the hardwood sleepers for these
and the following two panels. Later in the afternoon, they joined up
with the VCT who had been having a burn up near to Old Lane bridge;
earlier they had been making adjustments to the main gates at
Wirksworth - some forget that these gates are locked out of hours and
are anti vehicle.
A young lady visited Martin and was trying to sell some Jacks to lift
coaches off their bogies etc. each one was tens of thousands of pounds
- she left without an order, but nice try.

Work on updating the Buffet Car started with some of the electrical
fittings being replaced and new fittings being put in.

On eof our regular customers turned up with a Unimog, which is
undergoing exhaustive testing, They had their best days trials for a
long time and a great deal of data was obtained. During the day L1
arrived, a Schoma diesel, as part of the under ground testing.

Fred and Iris gave the Mess room its weekly deep clean. Patrick
brought in a lovely Birthday cake in, I cannot reveal his age, but he
has held a Bus Pass for a decade.

Tomorrow sees the works train at Shottle again with a 0930 departure,
when the two panels should be put back in again ready for a train to
pass over early n Thursday. If you are going straight to Shottle please
remember to sign in at the Peak Oil Office in the station building.


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Monday, 13 October 2008

Progress Reports for the Weekend

Just in case anybody missed them at the weekend, here are Saturday and Sunday's reports.


Saturday 11th October 2008

Evening all,

Once again the shed was the main focus of activity with work continuing on the refurbishment of the 117 power car. A start was made on the cab, whilst painting continued on the roof. Some work was also undertaken on the starting circuits of Iris so that it will be available for service tomorrow.

A further two wagons we're fettled and had their brake blocks changed.

Carline Drains and Co ventured to Duffield for half a day, ably assisted by a conscript and minder. I am told they were trying to find a lost catch pit. Up on their return, the Land Rover received a wash.

Down at the station, the booking hall and EVRA shop were open and welcomed a handful of visitors, but I think for the Passenger Dept it was very much a day for sorting out.


Sunday 12th October 2008

Evening everybody,

You could have been forgiven for thinking that it wasn't a Sunday today, with a plethora of volunteers on site carrying out a multitude of duties all around our enterprise.

After the mist of the early morning had lifted, the Ravenstor service emerged and for the whole day was actually quite busy. Most trains had very reasonable loadings. The booking hall, EVRA shop and buffet were on hand to ensure they had a good time.

Progress rocketed once more on the refurbishment of the 117 power car in the shed. The roof has now had a complete first coat and the cab is completely sanded. Many holes were filled in the process and the second-mans door will never see a draft again. To much surprise, the unit actually started after two days of using the cab lights on battery power!

Since it has been discovered that conscripts are very good at wire brushing, a start was made on preparing the bogies on the 108 trailer car for painting. With one conscript on each bogie, good progress was made.

At the rear of the shed, the Dream Steam Team (+ Will) were on hand, with much needle-gunning and welding taking place.

In the meantime down at Duffield, Carline Drains & Co managed to find themselves down many more catch pits.

John Ball

Monday 13th October 2008

Dear all
The calm before the storm of a very busy week from tomorrow. Opportunity was taken to tend to Iris and continue with the roof painting in the Maintenance Facility. Phil entertained BBC Radio Derby for a piece on areas of Derbyshire that are generally not seen by the public with a slant on our Idridgehay to Duffield section. Opportunity was taken to illustrate the role the Railway has in equipment testing.
The Booking Hall was open for business but there was little about today!

Friday, 10 October 2008

Friday 10th October 2008

Dear all
Another pleasant Autumn day with the IMT setting off for a patrol of the line from Wirksworth to Duffield and dealing with a few finishing jobs at Shottle after the relaying actvities earlier in the week. On return to Wirksworth they turned their attention to some housekeeping within the tool van. The platforms at Wirksworth had a tidy up courtesy of a conscript and minder and temporary repairs were effected to the door of the Gents toilets.
The Buffet was readied for the weekend and the Booking Hall received a few visitors. Planning continued for the work to be achieved at Shottle next week and our forward order book improved with dates set for the next 3 vehicles from Tube Lines.

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Thursday 9th October 2008

Dear all
A most pleasant day in the Autumn sunshine. John Gratton is nearing the end of a tremendous job of refurbishing the bodywork on the Shark which is used during ballasting operations to grade and spread the stone. Opportunity was taken at Shottle to use a "free" minidigger and driver to remove the spoil heap at the south end of the platform so that the whole is now clear awaiting the funds to repair the wall and coping stones.
Vehicles requested by the C&W dept where shunted to the Pit Road for maintenance and more working space created around the Santa brakevan to allow Rod and Mary to commence this year's creation. D8001 received some more tlc and the VCT concentrated their energies on fine tuning the main entrance gate.
The Finance dept. was in action to bring our books up to date and prepare a vast number of cheques for payment. The Booking Hall welcomed a few visitors and fielded the usual phone calls, some of which were useful!
Tonight sees the EVRA AGM at the Hope and Anchor.

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Wed 8th Oct

Evenin' all,

A beautiful autumn day with lovely sunshire saw the main centre of
activity at Shottle again. The two panels that were stripped yesterday,
were dug out and the uplifted stone used to build up the new RRAP and
was left as some base stone for the loop. Once levels had been reached,
the team unloaded 48 sleepers, 96 Pan 11 baseplates, 288 chair screws,
96 pads and assembled the two panels. They were rough leveled and
packed, and to prove the point, the works train ran over it. Quite a
good effort for the gang.

At Wirksworth the recently returned green Ruston was given a quick
chek over. Its bodily fluids were restored and it was fired up. It
proceeded to carry out some shunting in the yard. A list of works was
started for its repair.


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Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Tuesday 7th Oct

Evenin' all,

A wet and soggy day to start with but improving in the afternoon.

At base, the logging department enjoyed the extra logs delivered to
then yesterday and soon got to work on them. The dream steam team
continued to knock rivets out of the boiler of No. 3 and mention was
made of cleaning some eccentrics - there is nothing wrong with being

The Per way team went to Shottle and dismantled two panels of track
in the main line, and waited for the digger to dig the old ballast to
one side ready for the base of the loop. The digger arrived after we
had departed,so an early start is required tomorrow. All the old
sleepers were taken out of the hole and sorted, there are some reusable
ones amongst them. There were some real rotters though. Some long
crossing timbers were also sorted and pushed by trolley to Shottle
south for sizing when the southern pointwork is assembled. More work
will be undertaken at Shottle tomorrow.

The VCT were working just north of Hillcliffe Lane bridge, once the
Landrover had a replacement wheel added following a puncture at the
weekend. They were both burning precut material and felling more trees.
A blazing fire kept them warm.

A new potential customer contacted us for some training work, and some
useful work with MTT enquiries also was undertaken.

A predawn servicing of th brakes on Farraday will ensure the loco is
available for an 0900 departure in the morning. The duty driver will
report to the Pit and liaise with Steve.


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Monday, 6 October 2008

Monday 6th October 2008

Dear all
The main activity of the day was D8001 working with SRS242 on the last day of tests and trials before SRS242 travels to Barcelona. It's road transport arrived this evening and departure is imminent as I write this.
We welcomed some visitors from the North York Moors Railway who had a good tour of our site and the Booking Hall received a few more hardy souls. Unsold stock was returned to the EVRA shop after the sales stand at the Mickleover Model Railway Exhibition this past weekend.
Much paperwork was processed and invoices raised. Planning of our 2009 schedule continued with a shape emerging incorporating the experiences of this year in terms of what worked and what did not.

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Progress Report Sunday 5th October

Dear all,

A cold and wet start gradually transformed itself into a pleasant sunny
day seeing a modest days passenger activity in the circumstances, though
with considerable happiness on the part of those who visited. Miss
Toseland's P-way gang departed bright and early, though not so early as
they would have done if the Landrover hadn't got a flat tyre. After a
day of rodding, digging, pumping and slogging they duly returned to
Wirksworth to report that a further pit had been identified and that the
drains at Duffield were beginning to flow somewhat, though more work is
required. Meanwhile the regular staff at Duffield occupied themselves
with brush cutting and mowing.

The damp start saw all the available staff and conscripts despatched to
the Temporary Storage Facility where despite its lack of ends, the
building positively throbbed, throbbed I say, with activity although
Leigh reported the rubber gloves inhibited his performance. The
conscripts wire brushed the bogies and underframe on the east side of
railcar 51360, which is currently in the shed for attention and our own
volunteers excelled themselves in completing another base coat of 8
panels of the roof, and in the painting of the bogies on the west side,
as well as painting the solebars and the doovery boxes variously black
and silver with some parts being given yellow ends, for reasons which
only painters understand. Anyone lying on the track looking up cannot
fail to be impressed.

In other news, the repaint of class 03 presently to be D2084 ( i think)
continued with the undercoating of the side panels; some landscaping was
achieved; the 6 foot was cleared of various valuable railway artefacts
towards Cemetery Lane bridge; a new flourescent unit was fitted in the
Passenger Office; the Lowmac and the Weltrol has their axle boxes and
various other parts looked at and oiled up. A very pleasant days activity.

All the best,

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Progress Saturday 4th October 2008

Evening all,

A bitterly cold day with drizzle for most of it.

At the crack of dawn (or about 09:30) two hardy souls travelled to Duffield to continue drain work whilst the rest of us went off to continue those jobs that just never seem to get done! A coat of acid wash was added to the roof of the 117, whilst down below, two artistic conscripts did a very good job of painting the front bogie. Round the front of the very same unit, some polishing of the yellow warning panel was also done. The unit has never had so much fuss!

Some shunting was performed and in the process Iris was transposed with the 03 and Trailer ready for the Ravenstor service tomorrow.

Back at the station, the booking hall and EVRA shop welcomed one or two visitors but it was far too cold for most people.

It doesn't sound much to read, but a very useful day indeed!

Mike via Leigh

Friday, 3 October 2008

Timetable of Events 2009

Evening all,

I am pleased to announce that the Timetable of Events for 2009 has been finalised and is now published on the website (click on Events 2009) at the top. There are two remaining events in 2008 and they are at the top of this same page. More details for some events may be added at a later date.



Friday 3rd October 2008

Dear all
A curate's egg of a day with a great deal of work being devoted by the Sperry team on their SRS242 vehicle with our team standing by to propel it with D8001. The technical people didn't require movement in the end and opportunity was taken by our crew to sparkle the Class 20 and it now fair gleams. UTU5 left us to return to Sperry HQ in Derby but will return next week.
A further 3 welds were achieved on the Idridgehay to Shottle section - only 33 to go now and we have depressed the pace so we can catch up financially. The IMT thoroughly checked the Ravenstor and Gorsey Bank line, finding and rectifying a number of minor faults.
Our new arrival, D2971, was moved to the pit road for initial evaluation over the weekend and the Buffet Car was cleaned and prepared also for the weekend. The Booking Hall welcomed a few visitors on this dry, sunny but cold day.

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Thursday 2nd October 2008

Dear all.
The most momentous event of the day was the "dropping" of the first weld on the Idridgehay to Shottle section followed by another three before the day was over. This commencement of the restoration of the former long welded section marks another of our long list of landmarks - only another 36 to go! This is an expensive process and will progress as funds permit but a further four are planned for tomorrow and perhaps another four next week.
Back at base some essential shunting took place to sort freight stock out for C&W maintenance, place D8001 and SRS242 in Platform 1 and return the Sturgeon to service after last weekends replacement of a bearing pad.
The Logging Dept. were in action splitting logs and dealing with customers. A further load of logs were collected from Jebbs Lane and partially discharged on arrival by another customer illustrating heightened demand for the commodity this year. The VCT concentrated on their painting project at Jebbs Lane and L19 was loaded for return to Ruislip.
Activity at Shottle saw more successful ditching work and a first pass at clearing the sleepers of mud that had accumulated over the previous past few years. A new cross drain was discovered and water is beginning to flow away from our site with some vigour.
We had agreed to the return of D2971 from Ruddington but were somewhat taken aback as the machine sailed down the drive this afternoon and was discharged onto the Car Park track. A technical assessment will take place in the near future with a view to the locomotive providing some welcome relief for Faraday. It is clear some tlc will be needed.
The was much Sperry technical work undertaken on SRS242 and UTU5 with further trials planned for tomorrow. The Booking Hall received a number of visitors on a day of sunshine and showers.
The day was rounded off for Phil and I attending a small reception given by Atkins Rail, in Derby, as a thank you for our small part in their recognition by the Rail Standards & Safety Board as a Vehicle Acceptance Body.

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Wed 1st Oct

Evenin' all,

Typical autumnal weather with showers and heavy pownpours.

The per way team once again travelled south where several more bad
joints were cut out and new closure rails were added. The gang have
now reached joint M which is by the Old Lane bridge. It is quite a
difficult task with quite precise measurements and wear taken into

More testing by Sperry Rail with their Unimog based vehicle. We also
hosted a truly top corridor meeting in the Gatex where Network Rail
senior personnelheld a meeting. Including in their midst were the Head
of Rail, Head of Rail Maintainance. They had a meeting with Sperry
staff and also had a quick look around. These people were very
complimentary about the state of the track, and regarded it as up to
their standards in many respects. They also commented about the
cleanliness of the site. This meeting was at very short notice, but
Julie managed to fill them all with coffee, tea and cakes. I think that
all working members can be justly proud of their endevours.

The final movements occured when various steam bits were moved from
the garage site into a secure container. This afternoon, the Passenger
Services dept had a huddle and discussed many matters.

Tomorrow sees much shunting in the yard, and sees the departure of L19
back to Ruislip. Certain wagons are due for checking over the weekend.
and preparring the works train for next weekend. Welding also starts on
the CWR section.

Next week sees the start of resleepering south of Shottle yard.


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