Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Wed 6th August

Evenin' all,

Horray! The team carrying out the fishplate lubrication have reached
Idridgehay, but not without incident. Yesterday's broken fishplate was
repaired, when lo and behold another was found today. Hundreds of pairs
have been removed and checked with no problems(!) and two broken ones
within the last hundred yards. But that is what per way work is all
about. So apart from repairing this plate the task has been completed.
Very well done to all who have helped.

More driver training on the class 20, which took the works rain to
site and then carried out shunting in the yard to get used to
'Buffering up'. The hours of training are building up.

Some weedkiller was applied to Shottle platform now that greenery has
started to reappear following the work done by the weekend gang in
clearing the platform - you cant apply weedkiller to a bare surface, it
flows down through the new foliage into the roots. Some surveying and
setting out was also carried out at Shottle North. Weedkiller was also
applied in various parts of the Yard at Wirksworth as well as Wash

More work was carried out at Derby Road Bridge, with the main
stonework now back in place.


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