Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Wed 27th Aug

Evenin' all,

Another day with activities in the yard. The Per way team completed
the re-railing of the Bogie siding, there remains some jacking and
packing left to do, but at least we can use it and its extended length.
I am told that size matters!

More finishing off to fitting 'doors' to the brake van to make it
suitable for wider use. The Narrow Gauge coaching stock recieved a coat
of grey paint, as its completion groes ever nearer.

The start of a massive shunt to get stock into position for this
weekend as well as extricating the LMS brakevan, which will be in
service. Much more shunting tomorrow.

A steady trickle of passengers availed themselves of the Incline
service - not enough to raise a sweat though. The buffet car was open
but was very quiet allowing Julie to start preparing for this weekends

Once again the admin unit was at full stretch.


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