Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Wed 20th Aug

Evenin' all,

Is the Queen coming? There is an outbreak of painting, the Mess room
is in the process of being redecorated internally by the well known
70's duo of Roy and Les. Once again its the colour that money just cant
buy, it is to their own special recipe. The Mess room has a great deal
of daily use and deserves a bit of TLC. Martin also chose to start
decorating his office and have a change of scenery by rotating his

The Per way team carried out yeoman work in hand-balling over 100
hardwood sleepers onto the works train for use further down the line.
These are from the donated panels. Sorry but there are no sleepers for
sale. They also prepped the Sturgeon panel wagon ready for loading
tomorrow. Then the tean returned to the Bogie siding and dug out more
spoil from around the switch blade so that the lever box can be
connected. They have worked really hard with the panels and deserve a
pat on the back.

Pat Craft has been grass cutting again around the entrance to the Car

Some reasonable passenger loadings were recorded with the Incline
trips, and many members of the public dropping in..

This afternoon, an Environmental Health Officer arrived to discuss the
future development of the Buffet Car. We had invited him down to talk
about options. The outcome was extreemly positive, and we can now move
up a gear with the Buffet Car and the Catering. Yet again, he was
pleased that we had contacted their department to seek advice.

Another good day for the project.


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