Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Wed 13th Aug

Evenin' all,

What a day!

The per way team set off bright and early to recover two long
abandoned 30' lengths of flat bottom rail frpm between Idridgehay and
Shottle, these were brought back for use in the Bobie siding. On the
way back the team brought a load of logs for the woodcutters.

Meanwhile back at base, a lorry arrived bringing 5 track panels, which
a crane offloade in the car park, these 113a panels on wood sleepers
and Pan 11 plates - absolutely ideal. The perway gang immediately got
to work stripping them down for reuse.The track was flame cut from CWR
panels, and the ends have been trimmed by the disc cutter. At close of
play one of the panels had been fully stripped, alhad their pandrol
clips remove..

No sooner had the panels been unloaded, and the crane moved to the
rear of the new shed to move various steam boilers and bits, than
another low loader arrived bringing a Mega railer for use tomorrow..
Within a couple of minutes of this arriving, yet another low loader
turned up with another LUL Battery Loco, L20.

The incline service was busy and passengers had plenty to look at with
all the activity in the carpark - which was obviously closed for the

The Narrow Gauge team of Rod and Mary continued to fettle the ballast
on their line.

Roy and Les came with the intention of carrying out some work on the
03, but got roped in for other things.

In truth it has been a hectic day with great benefits.

A charter train is booked for this evening , (Another is booked for
tomorrow evening as well.)

Tomorrow sees a very early start with an 0700 departure of a works
unit. The main per way team will continue stripping the panels in the
car park and loading sleepers and materials to the works train.


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