Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Tues 5th Aug

Evenin' all,

A day of non stop drizzle, broken by periods of rain!

The VCT were working in the Old Lane area, both repairing fences as
well as burning precut brash. A little light trimming was also

The IMT completed their study of the CWR section south of Idridgehay,
and have uncovered some more work. They were able to make some minor
repairs in the process.

The Per way team freed off 6 pairs of plates and found a broken pair
which were attended to. It all shows the need for regular attention.
They would have done more but had to be back early for a charter down
the line along with a fine afternoon tea. This was for 35 people, who
had a marvellous time. They dined in the F/O. Well done to all

The Steam team were able to gather their remaining bits and pieces
from various locations around the yard and were able to continue
sorting things.Some shunting had to take place to enable them to get
the Multicar into position to access some of the bits.

The Bridge repair gang continued with repairs to Derby Road bridge,
and more stone returned to Wirksworth for cleaning and it is easier to
get it to site by road.

The Shark continues to have more new bits of wood added to replace the
time expired ones.


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