Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Tues 26th Aug

Evenin' all,

Today was mainly a per way sort of day, owing to many enjoying the
summer holidays.

The team completed the fitting of the point lever to the Bogie siding,
that has now been commissioned, The Bogie siding was partly stripped,
and the concrete sleepers moved, the two rails from mear Willow
Crossing, which were down a bank, have been installed and clipped up.

The IMT replaced a fishplate at Idridgehay which had caused trouble,
and carried out a routine patrol fettling as required.

Passenger services put more paint on themselves, with a little going
onto the Booking hall.

The VCT spent the day building up the new gate at the end of Station
Road, and installed a gate post.

New 'doors' were fitted to the platforms of the LMS brakevan, ready
for this coming weekend.

Much more work carried out with the planning for Wirksworth Goes
Green event thisweekend.

Tomorrow sees the Per way team completing the Bogie Siding at
Wirksworth yard.


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