Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Tues 19th Aug

Evenin' all,

Torrential Tuesday - certainly in the morning, when we had a flurry of
activity on the Testing side, bringing much needed funds into the
coffers. All of a sudden, more enquiries and bookings are coming in -

The VCT went to Shottle and carried on trimming trees and having a
large fire. Several trees were trimmed to ground level. They were also
able to witness some of the testing that we do.

The dream steam team have now moved on from the frames of that which
is not 'Wee Yorkie' and have startede work on the boiler, managing to
attack the regulator and start on de riveting. Progress.

The Per way team demolished the remaining panels, and loaded
components to the train. The IMT managed to effect some repairs to the
crossing nose on the Pit Road Point, this has caused some problems
recently, the nose bolts have been soaking for a few weeks.

Further upgrading of the Admin block continued, artists are not
required to paint the new window frames.

The trip down the line revealed that there were many fields that are
waterlogged and some minor flooding was noted.

Tomorrow sees the Per way team once again in the yard loading
materials and tidying the site.Rails to be uplifted on Thursday.


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