Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Tues 12th August

Evenin' all,

What do you mean the glorious 12th? It poured for much of the day,
however a potential new customer was given the grand tour along the
line. We await developments.

The VCT continued clearing around Old Lane bridge, despite the rain a
good bonfire was soon raging. The team also carried out some fencing
repairs in the area as well as diging out and clearing a steel culvert.

The Per way team worked on clearing the point leading to the Bogie
siding at Cemetery Lane and bringing it back into use.The IMT carried
out more work on the Incline, and also along the old line 3, where the
Gatex once stood.

A great deal more assorted valuable heritage crap was removed from the
former bus shed and was relocated to warmer places, or the skip.

The Steam team started the replacement of worn pins, and various bits
and pieces were removed for further cleaning.

A few hardy souls had a ride up the Incline.

Despite the rain, everyone enjoyed themselves (it says here)


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