Thursday, 7 August 2008

Thursday 7th August 2008

Dear all
The main, most pleasant news, is that the fishplate greasing between Wirksworth and Idridgehay has finally been completed. Great thanks to everyone who took part in this very long, but essential, process. The siding at Shottle was shunted to release the Sturgeon for work to be accomplished next week that will include the delivery of the north loop point to Duffield and the positioning of the south Shottle loop point signalling the start point of the Dash for Duffield. However, we should not forget that the VCT has already been dashing for some time reporting another, two bonfire, successful day in the Old Lane bridge area.
At base, a hiab fitted lorry was called in to further move the two steam engine boilers so that we could access coaching stock spares under Cemetery Lane bridge. Advantage was taken of the visit to clear the "bogie" siding and load the spares to the flat bogie wagon. Two working motor alternator sets were recovered from the Gatwick Express stock to be disposed of and, once again, many thanks to all who participated in these exercises involving much shunting and stock movements.
Deliveries were received of part of the steelwork for the new entrance gates and a second consignment of hideously expensive fishplate grease. The PW team have now been totally spoilt with new bolts, new spikes and now, new oil!
Fred and Iris gave the Mess Hall a good do and the narrow gauge project saw further work at Waterfall Halt. The Logging Dept. prepared bags of sticks and the renovation of the Shark moved forward to conclusion.
Clerk Birtwistle looked after the Booking Hall welcoming a number of visitors, selling a few products and delivering a little training on the mysteries of the new till system.
All in all, another very good day.