Thursday, 28 August 2008

Thursday 28th August 2008

Dear all
The highlight of the day was the group lift of the tank proof new entrance gate for the Wirksworth station approach. An amazing construction designed, planned and constructed by the VCT was successfully lifted onto the main hinge bolt. The level was then produced and, with not much modesty, the installation was proved to be perfectly horizontal. There is a little more work to do before the gate can be made operational before it challenges any unauthorised visitors. When in operation there will not be opportunities to visit our site when Duty Managers are not present so there will need to be a little more preplanning than has been the case so far in our existance.
There has been a great deal of preparation for our Corporate Day tomorrow including the arrival of a marquee that will be left in place for the Green Weekend and the Festival Weekend. During the Corporate Day that runs from 1400 to 2000 the site will be closed to all but invited guests and operational staff so that we can maximise the investment made in this event.
Preparations were also made for the "Wirksworth Goes Green Weekend" with much shunting to assemble vehicles in the desired order and to transfer the Sturgeon to Shottle with a return load of 2 Dogfish. We had to busk cover for the Booking Hall with a little respite provided by Karen Butterfield, a trained Bluebell Railway Booking Clerk - the takings were somewhat less than a Thursday at Sheffield Park.
Margaret-Ann and D8001 had some attention to prepare them for the next three days and a Pig Roast was arranged for Sunday.
A most productive day with a rare showing of the sun