Sunday, 3 August 2008

Progress Report Sunday 3rd August

Dear all,

An interesting day of many parts with the unrostered arrival of Ryan in
the Booking Hall allowing staff to be transferred to the buffet car
which was not scheduled to be open today and which therefore added a
small groat to the day's takings, celebrating its fifth birthday in the
process. A little modest tidying after yesterday evening's jamboree took
place and the Sunday staff considered whether it was possible to become
inebriated on 0.5% low alcohol Stella, and if so, how long it would
take: (thanx to Gary). In between services, the train crew undertook the
repair of the broken stores container hasps and we are now as secure as
we ever were. Some further stripping of the Gat Ex continued and the
back of the weighbridge saw almost the entire removal of outstanding
valuable railway artefacts and is now tidy. The annual summer pastime of
ragwort pulling took place around Dale Tunnel in order to prevent any
possible threat to passenger's horses.

Miss Toseland's P-Way gang traversed the entire length of the line
inspecting catch pits and rogering drains and The Pump had to be washed
on their return. A magistrate of conscripts was spread far and wide
around the site with a party continuing the painting of the Grampus; a
further party assisting the ballast regulating of the narrow gauge and
another starting the clear out of the former bus garage: shortly to be
renamed the Phil Tarry International Bier Keller and Pie Shoppe and
which will in due course be made available for My Test Track events,
training meetings, team building, model railway exhibitions and civil
ceremonies - "You may kiss the bride." "Something just fell down the
back of my neck." "Yes. Its rust".

All the best,