Sunday, 17 August 2008

Progress Report Sunday 16th August 2008

Dear all,

A good day was had in regard of the weather and visitors through the
Booking Hall, and a solid performance was put in on the Ravenstor
service in terms of passengers, and the buffet and shop were
satisfyingly busy throughout the day.

Buckby Enterprises provided a popular attraction once again and with
Faraday demonstrated that there's nothing like a good ride to part the
public from their well-earned small change.

Up the yard the class 31 received a new lift location notice plate and
in a supplement to yesterday's report (which appears to be somewhere in
the satellite) the pit pump was repaired after its water feature moment,
and further paint applied to the blue (presently to be green) 03 and to
the bogie parts of what I think is the class 117 driving end DMU. A
conscript and his close personal friend spent the day unscrewing track
panels in the car park. The narrow gauge line buffer stop took shape
outside Dale Tunnel.

The Booking Hall received its annual paint job over two days and the
proportion of filler to building was once again increased prior to the
further application of top secret recipe Crimson Lake paint as supplied
by B&Q. Replacement 1950s posters were also applied to give the
establishment an air of throbbing excitement ("Butlins Holidays" and
"Conway Valley: New Diesel Trains").

At Duffield, Miss Toseland's P-Way gang proceeded with their now famous
Sunday ritual of hunt-the-catch-pit (another 3 found) followed by a
jolly good rodding from the end of the platform to the A6 bridge, from
which they returned quite exhausted.

Thanks to all.

On behalf of John Ball, Duty Manager.