Sunday, 10 August 2008

Progress report Sunday 10th August 2008

Dear all,

A variable start to the day eventually developed in a warm and sunny way
and a number of tasks were undertaken in very peasant weather. Miss
Toseland's P-Way gang made an early start down the line and cleared
various overhanging trees between Hazelwood and Duffield. Once at
Duffield they began work on uncovering various blocked catch pits and
drains in and around the station compound, although some of these have
proved intractable to remedy and in one case the rogering rod could not
be extricated from the drain and this will be subject to further work
next week. At the same time the station mower had been despatched to
Duffield and the station staff occupied themselves with the mowing of
the station garden and the strimming of associated areas.

At Wirksworth efforts proceeded towards the regulation of the ballast on
the narrow gauge assisted by the conscripts, who also carried on with
the clearing of the former bus garage; in the process of which rescued
An Hedgehog from the pit. Thirty minutes later a passenger arrived and
passingly mentioned she ran an animal sanctuary. The Said Hedgehog was
duly presented for safe keeping. Meanwhile, the painting of the Grampus
was completed and it is now turned out in a delicate powder blue livery
so beloved of hoary-handed P-Way men and haute couture costumiers. Oh,
I'm sorry, i was reading the tin the wrong way up, it actually says
"Speedlink Grey".

The passenger business was steady and we entertained the Chairman of the
Foxfield during the day, as well as assisting the archaeological society
in the taking of the relative temperatures of the headwaters of the
Ecclesbourne at the top and bottom of our culvert. The 31 was started
after service and a good throb was had before tea.

All the best,