Friday, 8 August 2008

Friday 8th August 2008

Dear all
A day of serial activity involving many members of our team. Three Gatwick Express coaches have departed our site for pastures new and the resultant free space has enabled a total rearrangement of our Yard together with a variety of necessary jobs. D8001 has been moved to a new position by the Maintenance Facility to free Road 1 for next week's arrival of another Battery Locomotive and Faraday has been readied for its role tomorrow giving cab rides.
Surplus stone has been discharged from the Flatrol as this vehicle is required for next week's programme and the repairs to the damaged Derby Road bridge are completed. There has been a general scrap collection within the Yard and useful brake blocks have been put to a container for safe storage. At the same time our stock of heavy duty batteries has been sorted with the good ones put to store and the remainder offered for disposal.
My thanks to all who have made our site at Wirksworth a much more presentable place occupying some three days of activity but setting the scene for the immediate future.
Phil and I disappeared during all this endeavour and gave the whole line a thorough weed treatment paying particular attention to the very green patches on the Wirksworth - Idridgehay section - we will win! Peak Oil at Shottle were kind enough to let us recharge our tank on the Up journey.
The narrow gauge project moved forward and I am encouraged that we now have smoking and non-smoking accommodation in first and third class.
The Buffet was prepared for the weekend and the Booking Hall held the fort while all our activities were being undertaken.