Friday, 15 August 2008

Friday 15th August 2008

Dear all
A wonderful sunny and warm day that has been somewhat of a relaxation of, what has been, a very busy and exhausting week. In the luxury of the Maintenance Facility dmu painting continued and the EVRA shop received new stock tempting a few of today's visitors to part with money.
The track panels in the Car Park received further attention to break them down into manageable components and various pieces of pw equipment resting in the Training Room were returned to their usual home in the Tool Van.
L20 completed its test programme and has been placed on the Car Park siding ready for departure on Monday. Repairs have been completed to the dumper and it is again available for service.
After last night's report we welcomed a group of some 50 Soroptimists for a train ride followed by tea and cakes. Our team remained on site until 2200hrs and the visitors were fulsome in their praise of the service delivered. I appreciate the energy and effort put into delivering this style of product.
It was good to welcome a couple who have recently moved into North End at Wirksworth and enquired about an allotment. They would like to create a "dig for victory" theme and have been gathered in to help manage our existing gardens so fresh veggies might be the order of the day next year.
The Readypower machine that was so successful yesterday was collected from site and the Booking Hall opened this afternoon, due to the late night yesterday, and welcomed a number of visitors including a guard from the Lakeside & Haverthwaite Railway.
A pleasant day.