Sunday, 24 August 2008

Daily Report Sunday 24th Aug.

Dear all,

What a civilised way to spend a summer Sunday, sitting on the platform
with a pot of tea watching the ebb and flow of trains and passengers at
a typical country junction station. It makes it all worth while!
Reasonable passenger loadings were experienced on both services and the
buffet car did steady trade. The DMU Director made a brief celebrity
appearance during the morning with guests to check on the performance of
the train crews, a small contingent of YOT returned the picnic benches
from the former elevated picnic area to the platforms where they are
more useful and then swept the car park of the detritus remaining from
the marathon track panel strip of last week. Down at the southern
extremities of the empire the Sunday team were again hard at work with
the usual Sunday drain "rodathon".

Steve Lyne via Anton
Station computer being whores de combat