Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Wed 30th July

Evenin' all,

The surprise of the day was on the first train to Ravenstor, which had
5passengers going up the hill, but quite a crowd of walkers were
awaiting at Ravenstor for the downhill leg. The Bubble car was over
half full. The good loadings continued throughout the day, with one of
the highest mid week total ever.

An early start was made by the Per way team, who, with the aid of a
mini digger, recovered all the stone knocked down from Derby Road
bridge. The builder starts work on the rebuilding on Monday. After the
stone train, the gang swapped wagons, and emptied the remainder of the
28mm stone from the Grampus onto the Pit Road Point. After an early
lunch they went fishplate greasing, managing another 7 pairs. They are
now at the Idridgehay Up Distant.

The Steam Team had a delivery of a boiler and tubes this afternoon,
another one turned up at 1730. THese should keep them quiet for a
while with some retubing to do!



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