Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Wed 2nd July

Evenin' all,

Due to a number of commitments today, work started early. The
contractors who are sheeting the shaed were hard at work before 0800 -
although the delivery of some more bits promissed for 0800 finally
arrived at 1555. However they completed more work on the side and more
securing of the roof. Another couple of days will see much of the main
work conpleted, this will allow a detailed shopping list of bits to be
drawn up - much of it specialised, pre cut sheets etc.

A customer for testing also turned up at about 0815, in order to keep
the chaps busy, the works train actually left Wirksworth at about 0900
taking some of the team to the Alton Manor -Barnsley Lane are for
fishplate greasing. The train then returned to base. Meanwhile the
lorry on test was carrying out the Incline test and then some testing
in the yard. Once the works train was berthed, the lorry went down the
line, where it was put through its paces. Upon its return mid
afternoon, the works train returned to site to recover the Per way
team. Some 17 more panels had their fishplates lubricated. The team are
now about 200 yards north of Barnsley Lane.

Meanwhile the Tube Lines testing continued and good progress was made.
The system being tried is cutting edge technology, and we are pleased
that things are now getting sorted out. The teams have been workinbg
hard for a long time to develop this system. It is a truly
international effort, so well done to them.

The Narrow Gauge team were also hard at work fettling their track,
both with ballast and trackwork itself.

The Passenger Services dept ran the Incline service after the testing
was completed and ran with reasonable numbers. In fact there were four
independent train movements, all fully protected in their own sections
at the same time, all on different lines at the same time - not a bad

Workmen at Duffield uncovered the high voltage cable that goes under
the track and will feed the new flats, they marked up the course of the
cable for us.



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