Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Wed 23rd July

Evenin' all,

Sorry for being a bit late, but some after hours business needed to be
attended to.

Today saw some serious training on the class 20, with Hylton and
Richard B putting in 8 hours - still many to go but good progress being
made. They took the works train to site at linespeed, left it there and
then carried out much training . The Per way team carried out work in
the shed area whilst the two were getting started, this included the
packing and kangoing of the Pit road as it enters the shed. 20 tons of
stone arrived and was run out around the shed to form a better surface
and allow access to the steam dept workshop, - still much shovelling to
be carried out!
Once the team were away they managed 11 pairs of fishplates and are
now only half a mile from Idridgehay.

Not to be outdone, the narrow gauge team were also busy greasing
fishplates, and dropping ballast.

A steady trickle of visitors ran up the Incline in the Bubble car, and
availed themselves of Julie's Pantry for a refreshing cup of tea. More
preperations were made for this weekends big event, 'Wapentake',
including big tidy ups, when evening trains will run on the Incline

More paint was removed in the shed from one of the DMUs, with the
workers delighting in a bit of shade.

The damage to Derby Road bridge, and the further attention by passing
ne'er-do-wells, has cast a potential cloud on the start for the D2D, as
the costs for repair are 'up front', and are already estimated at well
over £10,000, this cost must be met by us, until the insurance matter
is resolved. Watch this space!



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