Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Tuesday 15th July 2008

Dear all
A fine and pleasant day for a change with the usual hustle as teams scattered to their worksites. The first away were the VCT to an area south of Idridgehay where productivity was high resulting in it being a three bonfire day. The PW team followed and achieved greasing of 14 pairs of fishplates as Idridgehay looms ever nearer. It is recognised that this vital task is quite tedious but is reversing some thirty to forty years of neglect with many of the bolts seized up with rust requiring great efforts to free them up.
A great deal of dmu activity saw a rearrangement of their stores vans and a fuelling up of the fleet following another very generous donation of the valuable liquid. The narrow gauge platforms saw continued progress as that project draws to a conclusion and the Booking Hall welcomed a few visitors, two of which were drawn in by the gentle sound of the Class 20 that they heard from some distance away.
Through the good offices of the Class Twenty Association some initial training was given on the preparation and operation of the machine which was delivered in a measured and informative way to the satisfaction of the participants. The Gorsey Bank line was used as we have a six week break in testing on that line illustrating the usefulness having our three discreet operating sections. This afternoon an opportunity was taken to practise buffering up to a wagon with the "nose" end.
All in all, another very good day.