Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Tues 29th July

Evenin' all,

Another busy day saw the VCT continuing to open up the views south of
Idridgehay, they are now working at Hillcliffe Lane/Old Lane bridge, A
promised party of young assistants failed to materialise, so there is a
lot of follow-up clearance work to be carried out.

The Per way team completed another 13 pairs of fishplate stripping and
lubricating, they are now within sight of the gates at Idridgehay. Some
shunting was also required when they got back to base. The IMT also
completed the final phase of the detailed track walk, carryout out bolt
testing and tightening.

The Steam team had more of a sorting out session ready for the boilers
to return home tomorrow. They also managed to acquire some valuable
bits and pieces from the former bus depot, to add to their collection.

The Landrover had its rear nearside rail wheel reinstated after some
bearing trouble. A new unit has been fitted, and the vehicle is back on
the road again.

The old bus shed had a tidy up afte being in use as a temporary work
base by the Gas people who have been working in Wirksworth over the
last few months.

A few visitors braved the sunshine and violent storm in the afternoon


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