Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Tues 1st July

Evenin' all,

Another great day saw the completion of the roof for the new shed
facility at Wirksworth. A full day by Alan and Gordon, our contractors
saw a great rush of activity.

By chance we had a new MEWP (Rail mounted elevating platform) in for
test today, the roofing team cast envious eyes at it - as did the VCT
who want one as well.
Due to its slow speed, the vehicle off tracked when it had done the
Incline part of the teast and was conveyed by road to Shottle for that
part, and then by road to Duffield for the final part of the test, thus
making it the first time that all three RRAPs have been used to gain
initial access to track. Another vehicle for testing tomorrow.

The Per way team did several small 'Roun Toit' jobs in the yard before
going fishplate greasing, once the escorting Landrover returned. The
side white lines have finally been painted at the two Level Crossings.

MOre painting and sorting around the shed area with more paint going
on the containers, a conscript made a start on brushing down and
applying paint to the other recently arrived Box Van. The 0-4-0 also
recieved attention with more bits being returned to it.

The VCT busied themselves with fence repairs in the yard especially
around the back of the old Dust Dock and in the Kave area.

Tube Lines continue to be perplexed by the vaguries of thei new
computer systems, but report that there is light at the end of the
tunnel - after all they should know about tunnels, so progress is being

Tomorrow requires carefull timing with the works train going to site
early and dropping off men and materials, before returning to base to
allow the test vehicle to carry out its work. Once clear the works
train will return. For those late arivals, the foot access will be at
Barnsley Lane.



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