Thursday, 3 July 2008

Thursday 3rd July 2008

Dear all
The range of activities seems to broaden daily and today saw a range of tasks undertaken that would have been undreamt of a couple of years ago.
At Wirksworth preparations were made to enable us to power up the Gatwick Express vehicles from the south end of the set. This will help us to provide air conditioning in the southern most two vehicles rather than the whole set with a consequent diminution of our electricity bill. The Maintenance Facility sheeting project proceeded apace leaving only 50% of the east side to be completed tomorrow - a truly wonderful job. Iris had a little maintenance and, with the help of our neighbours across the road, the Landrover's spare tyre was fitted in place of the flat that defeated us yesterday. The Housekeeping team descended and brought the Training Room and Mess Hall up to scratch. The Museum Coach had some enhancements to its security and L18 continued its testing programme. The Booking Hall had our Finance Manager as today's clerk and it is pleasing to record the first sale of evening Wapentake tickets.
The VCT visit the whole line remedying closing problems on the new Duffield footpath crossing gates and securely fencing the east side of the Hazelwood road bridge after the discovery of the east side arch being used for informal barbeques. The team also undertook sundry tree lopping en route to ease the passage of test vehicles.
The PW team continued their task of fishplate greasing heading ever closer to their goal of Idridgehay. Once this tedious job is completed we can really begin the Dash for Duffield and planning has continued today to deal with the quarter mile section from Shottle Yard points, through the platform to the site of the southern entry to the proposed Shottle loop. During the visit to plan this work there were encouraging noises from Peak Oil who plan to replace the platform side windows and restore and reglaze the canopy. It would seem that last Sunday's start on clearing the platform had sparked them into action!
Another good day.