Thursday, 31 July 2008

Thursday 31st July 2008

Dear all
Another day of unremitting activity. The combined VCT and PWT got away fairly early to head for Duffield to attack an area just south of the Duffield foot bridge on the Up (east) side and transport the brach to an area away from housing for burning. Four Grampus loads of brach were moved and all declared it a most successful day.
After their departure we welcomed a team from the 79th Squadron Royal Logistics Corp for a briefing on our activities and whether there were areas of mutual interest. This was a most productive visit and embraced Wirksworth Yard, the Incline and Duffield culminating in a lunch arranged by Dorothy and aided by Fred and Iris. Each working day will now start with 50 press ups.
A team achieved great things in the process of stripping out the surplus dmu centre car and the power supply to the remaining three car Gatwick Express set was set up. This has the effect of reducing the power needed when the passenger cars are in use for party catering and during the Santa period. Installation of tables in the Second Open coach commenced so that up to 80 people may be seated at tables in the first and second open carriages.
Felt was purchased and cut to size for the Waterfall halt - previously purchased felt seems to have disappeared or been misfiled.
The Booking Hall welcomed a few visitors and our Army visitors were tempted to purchase a few souvenirs. Stock taking was undertaken and the EVRA shop was restocked.
Another excellent day.