Thursday, 24 July 2008

Thursday 24th July 2008

Dear all
Quite a day in the welcome warmth. Electrical connections were removed from two working motor alternator sets to be retained as spares from the three Gatwick Express coaches to be disposed of so they can be recovered before departure.
Deep in the Maintenance Facility a team of four spent a full day preparing the Class 117 dmu car for paintwork improvements claiming that the insulated cladding kept them cool. Work continued on providing power to the steam locomotive stores and stone was levelled providing a good quality roadway to the storage area for the anticipated return of the two boilers sent away for assessment. In addition redundant sleepers were laid out on the newly levelled area for the boilers to sit on. The dangers of steam locomotive restoration was sadly demonstrated necessitating in the rescue of a pigeon whose feet had stuck in the warm tar on the storage facility roof.
The VCT team reported a 1.5 fire day making further inroads into the vegetation south of Idridgehay and Water Fall Halt again moved towards completion. Owing to staff shortages the only fishplate greasing took place on the narrow gauge as people seem to be taking a lot of time off for holidays.
There was a burst of activity in the Logging Dept. and the pointwork around the yard received a good oiling up.
The Barnsley Lane bridge site has received a large quantity of old paint tins, I suppose it makes a difference from fridges and microwaves!
The Booking Hall welcomed a number of visitors and assistance was rendered to the Stone Centre in the preparations for the Wappentake.
All in all, a pleasant day.