Thursday, 17 July 2008

Thursday 17th July 2008

Dear all
Another summer's day - wet and dank designed for depressing the spirits (or encouraging consumption of them). However, the brave VCT and PW teams combined to benefit from warm fires and further clear the lineside south of Idridgehay. The teams also hung a new gate at accommodation crossing A6 vainly expecting heartfelt thanks from the farmer.
A wagon load of logs was gathered so that the burning of Saxons can be achieved during the Wapentake - I think that's the idea. A van load of refurbished parts was gathered from Butterley for fitting to Margaret-Ann and received further fettling by the 03 team. Further work on steam engine axle boxes continued as that project gently moved forward.
The Booking Hall welcomed a few very hardy visitors and fielded the usual phone calls including one from Ford enquiring about our company fleet - if only.