Sunday, 6 July 2008

Sunday 6th July 2008

What a day with endless showers hampering most activities.. Nonetheless, with the usual gritty determination and resolve that typifies the weekend team most of the intended jobs were moved forward. A planned shunt began to move vehicles that require immediate undercover attention with more to follow on Tues. This will enable much of the re-painting projects to take place.under the shelter of the newly roofed maintenance facility. A brief lull in the rain allowed the team to take accurate measurements so the remaining sheets for the ends to be ordered. The final day's hire of the teleporter allowed the removal of the spares and other palletised goodies from the access area in front of the shed to a more suitable area under the bridge arches. This area is now to be kept clear of general detritus to allow vehicle access to the shed. Meanwhile, elsewhere on the site, work began on the salvage of general fittings from the Gatwick stock before disposal of the selected vehicles. The Passenger Dept welcomed a few hardy souls on the Ravenstor service, most then fortified with hot teas from the Buffet and good trade was had by the EVRA shop. The weekend P-Way team departed at first light in convoy with a battalion of wheelbarrows to carry out more remedial works to the surface of Shottle platform and despite the appalling weather did achieve significant progress.Not a bad day considering the weather. Regards, Steve.