Sunday, 20 July 2008

Saturday 19th July 2008 Progress

Afternoon all,

Sunny spells and showers meant the Idridgehay Service only saw a trickle of passengers, who included a family of visitors from The Netherlands. They were very complimentary about the railway and the scenery. Faraday was on Platform one giving footplate rides too. After all of these activities that we have to offer the visitors have been entertained, they were able to have a relax in the buffet car, which I am told, now has sandwiches!

The Grampus started to receive a repaint from our single conscript and a start was made on preparing the roof on the 117 for painting. This is a very difficult job as all of the old BR paintwork has to be chipped off by hand! A start could have been made earlier, had a mystic fairy not visited sometime during Friday and dismantled the scaffold! This work couldn't be done without having a covered area for maintenance, as the British weather was typically awful.

Our Passenger Services Manager had a smile on his face having purchased a new mower. This was christened on the bank between the Incline line and the GatEx - but it nearly went horribly wrong when there was confusion over it not containing engine oil from factory. During the rainy intervals, bardic lamps were converted to use Duracell batteries so that they can light Ravenstor platform at next Saturday's Wapentake.

A pretty good day really,

Mike Evans