Sunday, 13 July 2008

Progress Report Sunday 13th July 2008

Dear all,

A day of reasonable business but in better weather than the prevailing
monsoon commonly known as the British Summer. The Ravenstor serviced
poddled up and down with modest passenger traffic albeit from a wider
range of origins than is usually the case, proof that the holiday season
is now upon us, and work continued on the narrow gauge where the track
is gradually being levelled and packed from the waterfall end.

A visit from the global IT department resulted in the bunty having to be
taken down because of its effect on the new hi-tech system when waving
in the wind. All tea-leafs and ne-er do wells are advised to wear
colourful bunty to attract the system's attention if planning to make
off with something from the yard. Anyone seeing morris men acting
suspiciously on our webcams should report them to the Great House of

Also on the constabulary front, a small number of conscripts were in
attendance and some of these were delegated to slap further paint on
Johnny the box van, however, as is often the case with slappers the
outcome didn't quite result in complete satisfaction and a further day
of toil will be offered next week.

Along the line a test train was run with Mr Steve Lyne as pilotman in
his capacity as Keanu Reeves' body double and a high level of
satisfaction was indeed achieved, though possibly not by Mr Reeves.

At Shottle, Miss Toselands' P-Way gang proceeded apace with the
clearance from Shottle platform of the International Guano Mountain and
much of the platform is now clear and looking surprisingly intact,
though we did possibly wake the neighbours at about 10.30.

Duffield Station was inspected.

All the best,