Monday, 7 July 2008

Monday 7th July 2008

Dear all
Today saw an experimental test of a mini digger with flail attachment loaded onto the Flatrol and propelled by Faraday. This half way house was being tried as, try as we might, we could not hire in a "proper" rail mounted flail. The results overall are quite successful with the Incline and part of the Gorsey Bank passenger line dealt with. Tomorrow will see the combination working south of Shottle where the vegetation is beginning to inhibit our test work.
Meanwhile, risks assessments were undertaken to see whether Iris could be safely worked on the Incline. I am pleased to say all the brake tests were passed with flying colours in rail conditions that replicated the worst possible case and Iris will work the Incline scheduled services this Wednesday. The Bubble Car was readied and positioned for its role this week as the support vehicle for the ongoing fishplate greasing whilst Faraday is hauling the flail.
There was mysterious, to me, furtling in the computer cabinet as a start to enhancing our web cam capability. The Booking Hall welcomed a few visitors between showers and fielded the usual quota of useful and not so useful calls.
Tomorrow sees much action as L18 resumes testing, flailing, fishplate greasing, vegetation clearance, a mega shunt to put vehicles for maintenance in the nice covered maintenance facility and a new arrival.