Friday, 4 July 2008

Friday 4th July 2008

Dear all
A little less frenetic today which saw the completion of the roof and two side walls of the Maintenance Facility. Our thanks go to Alan and Gordon who have achieved a most splendid job. The IMT travelled the line to and from Duffield as part of their routine track patrol and there were bursts of weed treatment at Shottle and on the Incline.
Rod and Mary dealt with a specially manufactured pair of fishplates on the narrow gauge that joins the heavy section rail to the lighter section. Brian Ashley masterminded these bespoke parts. To the great joy of the PW team we have paid for 300 new fishplate bolts and 300 new elastic spikes and they should be delivered some time next week.
The Booking Hall welcomed a number of visitors and the Buffet Car was readied for the weekend.