Friday, 25 July 2008

Friday 25th July 2008

Dear all
The heat of the day slowed the pace of work but a great deal was still achieved. The major reorganisation of dmu spares continued with the bonus of many tins of paint were discovered and were distributed for future building, container and steel work improvements.
Margaret-Ann had a final check over and conducted some running in turns on the Incline with the pleasant conclusion that it can return to service. Fitters attention was necessary to our road/rail fleet. The Dumper had a flat battery through an electrical fault, the Multicar had a flat battery traced to the battery isolator switch being left on and the Landrover had a rail wheel removed for the replacement of a bearing. One of our MTT customers came up trumps and will supply two new bearings saving much head scratching.
Four windows were extracted from the redundant Gatwick Express vehicles as spares for the two remaining coaches and many other sundry spares were recovered such as window mechanisms with great thanks to Ian the Australian.
The IMT concentrated on the Gorsey Bank to Ken Rowland's section finding many fishplate bolts that needed tightening and it was a sad day with the M1 Gas Alliance moving off site.
The Buffet was readied for the weekend as was the Car Park and station approach and the Booking Hall had a run on ice creams.
Another good day.