Friday, 18 July 2008

Friday 18th July 2008

Dear all
A gentle day with only a little rain. The IMT patrolled the section between Alton Manor and Ken Rowlands crossing replacing some 15 missing track spikes, identifying an upside-down fishplate and tightening many bolts. Again demonstrating that this is a "must do" task for our trains to run safely.
Down at the "depot" Margaret-Ann received further preparation of her refurbished brake gear and the late Helen-Louise received aggressive needle gunning at the nose end to remove rusting paintwork. On the narrow gauge a wagon was converted into a ballast carrier for ease of movement of the white stuff up and down the line.
The Buffet Car was readied for the weekend and the Booking Hall welcomed a small crop of visitors. At the end of the day there was the good news that the next battery locomotive is due on 13th August indicating that the programme is beginning to tighten up.
PS Last plug for Rand and the Band playing at the Malt Shovel tomorrow night starting at 2100hrs