Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Wed 4th June

Evenin' all,

What started off as a busy and generally a good day was brought to a
halt at lunchtime with a phone call announcing the death of Dave Mee.
Dave was a very early volunteer, and was on site most days. He assumed
the mantle of Carriage and Wagon Supt, and was responsible for much of
the restoration of our vehicles in the early days. Indeed the exterior
of the Incline coach kept him going for more than a year. Laterly he
has been very involved with the Narrow Gauge line, on which he was
working only yesterday. His enthusiasm and wit will be sorely missed. I
have no doubt that many words will be said about Dave, He was a
pleasure to be with and furtunately was with us one minute and gone the
next - such is life. It is true to say that the news put a bit of a
dampner on the day. Details of the funeral will be sent out later. Our
thoughts are with Daves family.

In other news, A call this morning at 0800 reported that Iris was
moving around the yard - yes it was, it was working. We do work at
those hours fairly regularly, it is the best time of the day. Iris was
used as part of the Test train for one of our paying guests, and
performed yeoman service in helping them with their testing of the new
vehicle. The Blue shunter was perfectly alright for the majority of
tests, but the customers wanted a longer run at a slightly increased
speed. The trips were a great sucess.

The Per way team continued work on the Pit road point, that has been
screwed down, the panel of track leading to the Incline was fully
resleepered in the process. Work will continue tomorrow.


Today also saw an object lesson in rail expansion. Yesterday the rails
fitted perfectly, today we rolled them out in the out in the morning
and put them back mid afternoon and they had expanded, fully closing
the gaps. More work is required.

The narrow gauge team continued with their activities, their afternoon
work was obviously curtailed with the news of one of their team.

Passenger services ran up and down the Incline allowing the passengers
to see chaps in orange working. It is often said by people travelling
on the National Network that they dont know why so many people are
employed on the railways, as whenever they see them from a train they
are all standing about not doing anything. Ho Hum!

A team went to Rolls Royce and returned with some bits and pieces,
generously donated by them.



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