Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Wed 25th June

Evenin' all,

A day of various activities scattered between base and Barnsley Lane.

A great deal of planning for the next stage of the Shed work, which
will be commencing soon, much sourcing of materials and machines.
Meanwhile work continued on the 03 fleet with stripping and painting
along with some routine maintenance work.

The per way team were a little depleted but carried on with fishplate
greasing, they again had some difficult joints, and some of the gaps
required adjusting. Pete asked whether greasing is a regular exercise
on the big railway, well certainly on jointed track , plates come off
on a regular cycle every couple of years. The track rats know which
ones they have done usually by putting a different type of bolt in.
Some of our plates have not been off for many years, may be 30 plus
years! Some of the plates are almost rusted to the rails and some bolts
are in dire need. Last week, the Infrastucture Maintenance Team
actually found fishplate bolts that had sheared off (on the non
passenger section), this is what the IMT are there for. On CWR the
Breather switches are also stripped and lubed up on a regular basis.

Several members of the Per way team joined some Passenger Services
members for some First Aid Refresher training, this is held on an
annual basis. If you dont use the skills you can loose the effects of
the training. It is worth while and many thanks to John Ball for
sparing the time to go through things with us. Personally, I would like
to see everyone have a basic knowledge of First Aid. Although there are
always First Aid members on site, especially when open to the public,
it is beholdent on us all to have some knowledge of what to do if your
mate has an accident.

A few hardy sould travelled on the Ravenstor service, and this
afternoon also saw a routine check on our water supply to the water
crane, a chance to briefly flush the system.



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