Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Wed 18th June

Evenin' all,

The weather was not as bad as had been predicted. Howevr a shock was
felt this morning, as the Police informed us that a car had smashed
into Derby Road No.1 bridge. The driver had absconded. Quite a large
hole has been made in the stonework - this bridge was partially rebuilt
some years ago and was one of the finest on the line. The local council
were quick to repair the crash barriers and put signs up. Enquiries are

The Per way team took some vehicles down to Shottleyard for temporary
storage to relieve congestiopn, after dropping off a gang to carry on
with the fishplate greasing. Approx a quarter of a mile was done today.
Only another 156 panels to see to, before the Duffield jaunt starts.

The Booking hall staff had a malfunction today meaning that Driver
Lidgett had to 'volunteer' for the post. We were also unable to
operate the Incline service. Fortunately no one turned up for a trip.

The Narrow gauge team continued fettling up the track in the area of
Waterfall Halt.

Various loads of scrap were removed from site and replacement bins
brought in.

Our guests were able to complete their Installation and Testing of
more bits for the Tube Lines Test Site. They confirm that there is a
definite possibility, that there may be a battery loco turning up in
the very near future - hence the need to clear space.

Much behind the scenes business taking place, regarding Project
Planning, and many new contacts being made

Tomorrow sees school party trains venturing down the line. with Per
way work in the yard at Wirksworth.



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