Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Tues 3rd June

Evenin' all,

They call this flaming June - well role on flaming July, thats what I
say. It didnt stop raining until knocking off time.

The VCT had a morning tidying their store and having a sort outready
for the push to the south. After lunch they ventured out and continued
clearing the estate south of Idridgehay .

The loco restorers (are we allowed to call it Wee Yorkie?) enjoyed a
decorating excursion, going to Derby with a paint sample to see if
specialists could match their colour (One could almost imagine the two
of them trolling into a shop with the main frame under their arms,
asking if they had anything to match it) They returned in triumph and a
gentle dab here and there succedded in adding paint to the frames of
the loco as well as each other and the area in which they work. Once
again I do take my hat off to them trying to work in the open.

The Passenger services spent the day rearranging the Booking Hall,
very few customers and even fewer calls.

Our customers continued testing their new vehicle but managed a couple
of test runs.

The big job of the day was the Per Way team dismantling the turnout
into the Pit road, which was extreemly worn. Once the component rails
were out of the way, the old timbers were removed. After a little light
digging the new switch panel went back in and was plated up, the
stretcher bars were reconnected, all in pouring rain. Work will
continue tomorrow to guage it and screw it down. Many thanks to all who
helped today , including members from other departments. It was a
manual job withou the use of machines. It is a fine testament to
members that they can replace pointwork, and think nothing of it.A lot
of preperation having gone into the job during the last few weeks.

Off for a nice hot bath now!



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