Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Tues 24th June

Evenin' all,

A busy day with members scattered the length of the line.

Firstly the VCT roared off to their patch between Idridgehay and
Shottle, not only doing clearance work but also repairing fences but
also a little light painting. Some of them carried on further south
doing some running repairs to the worst of the vegetation that
overhangs the line. Withe everything in full leaf and the weekend
storms, some of the trees are hanging very low and close to the track.
They also report that the encroaching pile of chip at Hazlewood has now
been disposed of. This has caused some problems in the past, but
hopefuly is now resolved.

The Per way team then went down fishplate greasing, and added another
11 panes to their score, they are now around Derby Road No 2 bridge.
Some perticularly awkward bolts today.

A builder came to have a look at Derby Road No 1 bridge, which was
smashed into recently - quite a big job to repair. He has now gone to
workout the methodology for repairs. The main road goes over the bridge
and enquiries are in hand re temp traffic lights, crane/winch to get
the stones back up to road level from trackside, scaffolding etc.

The Passenger Services team were greatly represented, so much so that
Anton once again moved to the C&W side and is busily decorating the
recently arrived Box Vans. The purists may argue that they are not
quite the right shade of fitted Bauxite etc, but the first is certainly
more presentable than when it arrived last week. Judging by the state
of him at close of play, some more paint will be required.

The 'not wee yorkie anymore' team made a start on rebuilding, with the
Reversing lever equipment being fitted and painted, There is pleasure
when things start going back together again. The 03 lads paid attention
in their area with sorting out their stores area and some repairs and
servicing. The lightweight skip was repositioned but will need a nudge
tomorrow when more manpower becomes available. More rail grinding took
place on the Pit road entrance.

More attention to the Domestic side with the Mess Room, the Training
Room and the Gatex recieving attention.

After yesterday's mega shunt, another will take place over the next
couple of days - it seems a regular item at the present. Has anyone got
a Sidings pack that they dont want?

The pace in the Admin block has also really picked up, with several
key projects in the pipeline, the trouble is that all of this is unseen
until the action finally starts.



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